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Our Story - Localis

The Localis motto, Loci Sumus or, We Are Local is something that all of us can be a part of. Localis was founded on the idea that a board sport lifestyle brings journeys to life that only locals can describe. Whether it's your favorite break or your smoothest hill, our brand is designed to keep this energy alive through styles that don't necessarily chase the trends or stray too far from home. Our apparel and accessories not only allows us to live the lifestyle, it brings #WeAreLocalis to life. And if that's not enough,  most of our products are made right here in the USA!



Growing up on the East Coast of North Carolina and being surrounded by the life of a small coastal community, founder James Johner has never strayed far from the water, where he has seen a coastal style and atmosphere change drastically throughout the years. Finding clothing that was a true, timeless style was drying up quickly. Clothing racks were covered in high dollar fishing shirts and khakis.

Seeing an opportunity, Localis was founded and began providing a classic board sport style of clothing. Localis is an apparel company that offers consistency and quality through each of our products. Born on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, our brand represents a coastal lifestyle that will stay true to our local roots. If you're an adrenaline pheaning local in a coastal community, our apparel will always be the right fit for you.  

Localis believes that success unshared is failure. This is why we strive to include locally owned businesses in every aspect of our operation from manufacturing to printing, accounting to design and our retailers, we keep it local. 

Are you ready to live the lifestyle of We Are Localis? Visit our Shop Localis page for all of our latest apparel products and accessories!