Inked up

We are trying to give you the smoothest hand possible!  Hand you say?...Yea.  Hand is term used to describe how the shirts feels once the design has been put in/on the shirt.  Depending on the design and the printing method the hand of the shirts can feel as apparent as a sticker or as rad as no feel at all.  At Localis we use many different types of inks, depending on the look and feel that we are going for.  All of our inks are water based and Eco-Friendly but some are designed to feel like that old school ink you wore back in the high school days.  Either way we take pride in knowing that we will provide a shirt so comfortable you'll never want to take it off!  So get inked up and check out our different designs on our store, and let us know which ink you prefer #WeAreLocalis.

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  • James Johner