Here WE GO!


Localis is pleased to announce its official launch!  We are here to provide you with classic and subtle designs and apparel that keeps the Local roots alive.  Originally the idea of a clothing line that focused on local culture and classic designs was discovered while searching for just that, something as simple as a T-Shirt that someone who enjoyed simple items and timeless designs was hard to come by.  Shorts and baggies that were plastered with everything from glitter to neon pink were all the rage to some folks, and most of those people did not truly represent what most coastal and mountain locals want to represent.  Here at Localis, we strive to provide timeless looks that can be worn out on the town or out on the board for years and years to come.  Our quality is of the utmost importance, so that you can keep that favorite shirt or top in your closet after years of abuse.  Our threads are super comfortable and most are even made right here in the USA! Thats right, most of our items are sourced, designed, sewed, and packaged right here in the states. While some of our items are sourced or made elsewhere, our quality is never compromised, and we are making every effort to develop a process to offer these products with a "Made in USA" label. Some of our items, specifically our soon to come Carolina Blend line, can even be sourced all the way back to the farmers who grew it!  Check out Our Story and stayed tuned for more exciting products you're sure to love and want to represent.

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  • James Johner